Carling Academy, Islington, London
UK. July 14. 2005

Last Update: 19. juli 2005

Your Mind and Me We Belong Together
Alone Again Or
A House Is Not A Motel
Orange Skies
The Daily Planet
The Good Humor Man
Live and Let Live
The Red Telephone
Old Man
You Set The Scene
Stephanie Knows Who
Que Vida
She Comes in Colors
Between Clark and Hilldale
Signed DC
Can't Explain
7&7 Is
Singing Cowboy

Photos: Gordon Franks & Steve Makin

I'm afraid this won't be much of a review- I was so caught up in the music that I can't begin to analyse it.
To those of you who decided not to come- you really missed out on something special.
Mike promised a great gig- and he was certainly right.Not only did we get Forever Changes (without Bummer in the Summer) but we also had the treat of hearing virtually the whole of Da Capo.And revelation- well it was worth the admissiion price just to hear that! 
Admittedly, it took me a while to get used to Rusty on lead vocals, and he wasn't helped by the fact that the sound balance wasn't too good in the opening numbers- but once the opening chords of 'Daily Planet' kicked in- well,that was it!!!It just got better and better, climaxing in a heart rending performance of Signed DC from Johnny. What a voice! These guys really are talented- and so versatile: Dave Chapple playing harmonica, Mike on bass, and lovely to see Dave Daddyo Green appearing on the other side of his drumkit. 
Thankyou guys for giving us all the opportunity to celebrate life,love and unity at a time when we needed it most!

Maria Rossi

Photos: Gordon Franks

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Photos: Steve Makin