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Keith Stodart and David Housden

Mike "Dukie" Anderson

Keith Stodart playing in Lost Cause, 1978

Keith Stodart playing in Lost Cause, 1978

Paul Barr

Chris Jones

Aake Ericsson - Sweden

Aake Ericsson,Sweden 1972

Tina Winter, Kose, Liz Barnett and Caryne Pearce

Tina Winter 1974

Caryne Pearce 1978

Lizzy B. and her famous F.C. jacket

Bobinbed/Elisabeth McCann - Sweden

Ainsley Adams, Southampton

Morrison & Ed "The Freedom Man" - Holland

Ainsley Adams 1969

Ainsley Adams 1970

Jim Hamilton, Isle of Wight

Gordon Franks, London

Gill Oakley, Colchester

David Carter and Mike DiMarco



Philip Tattershall

Dave Pearce


George(Old_Man) and daughter Lorna(Young Woman)

John Etherington, Islington, London

Roy 'Stone' Naylor


"Kula John" - John Stanlake


Torben Skott - Denmark



Chris Utter


Thomas Adams, New Jersey


Allan, New Jersey 1970

Allan, New Jersey 2004

Larry, NYC 1972

Larry, NYC 2004

Caryl, New Jersey 1972

Caryl, New Jersey 2004

Susan B., Orange County, California

Susan B., Orange County, California


Tina, Mike, Susan B., Cheryl and Lizzy (2005)

Fritz Seachrist, Ohio

Rocco Caponi

Kevin & Mark Koenigsberg
10/13/04 at the Town Hall, NY, NY
In memory of Kevin who recently passed away


Rest of the World

Martyn Samuels - South Africa