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Arthur Lee
March 7, 1945 - August 3, 2006
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This is an atempt to gather as much information as possible about Arthur Lee and the members of Love through the years.

I know this is not complete and therefore I would request that anyone with any additional information please send it to me.

I'm working on a comprehensive, and complete list of all of Love's tours - past, present and future -- and need a lot of dates, so please take a look and see if you can help me with some. I also need any and all information about setlists if you have any. I have many questions regarding recordings and other things so it would be great if you could contact me if you see any mistakes or have any additions that will make this a better website.

These pages couldn't have been made without help from a lot of Love fans all over the world. Thanks to all of you.
See copyrights.

Keep on shining.
Torben Skott

Questions, Comments, Additions or errors please

If you intend to use any of the scans, photos, posters or anything else from my site, please contact me.
Keeping the music of Love alive by making new sites is very welcome, but the least you can do if you "borrow" something from my site is to contact me. Something here might even be copyrighted.


December 18. 2012:

Black Beauty is now available on vinyl.
Order it at High Moon Records


December 2. 2012:

Love Live, the Complete Show from Whisky-a-gogo featuring Bryan MacLean has been released in digital download format and contains all 15 songs performed on that weekend 1978. Backup band is John Sterling, George Suranovich and Kim Kesterson
It's available at Amazon, Itunes,
eMusic, Rhapsody, etc.

Also coming soon will be Bryan MacLean and the Complete Home Demos, 25 unreleased recordings.  You can hear one of them on

October 16. 2012:

Michael Stuart-Ware's autobiography, Pegasus Eptaph: The Story of the Legendary Rock Group Love has just been reissued.
Available at Helter Skelter Publishing

August 26. 2012:

If you didn't buy Snoopy's cd Humans On Mother Earth are H.(O.M.)E. when it came out, it's still available at

March 7. 2012:

Birthday of Arthur Lee

Take out some time to remember him and do as he said: "Love one another"

January 2. 2012:

It's now a year since the release of Black Beauty was announced to be in April.
Hopefully we'll se the release soon.

High Moon Records

January 2. 2012:

Happy New Year to all.

You will find last years news in the menu.

Amazing amount of Love items for sale.

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Mike Randle's Diaries

Just Another Day In The Life
By Johnny Echols

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