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Arthur Lee
March 7, 1945 - August 3, 2006
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This is an atempt to gather as much information as possible about Arthur Lee and the members of Love through the years.

I know this is not complete and therefore I would request that anyone with any additional information please send it to me.

I'm working on a comprehensive, and complete list of all of Love's tours - past, present and future -- and need a lot of dates, so please take a look and see if you can help me with some. I also need any and all information about setlists if you have any. I have many questions regarding recordings and other things so it would be great if you could contact me if you see any mistakes or have any additions that will make this a better website.

These pages couldn't have been made without help from a lot of Love fans all over the world. Thanks to all of you.
See copyrights.

Keep on shining.
Torben Skott

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8. July 2019:

Phots and more added to Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds

3.July 2019:

Madrid and Barcelona shows are cancelled.

Updated Tour 2019

Review of Liverpool gig at Getintothis
Review of Leeds gig God Is In The TV

2. July 20019:

Added setlist and videos to Glasgow, Leeds, Brighton and Liverpool

30. June 2019:

Added setlist and photos to Liverpool

The LOVE band featuring Johnny Echols:
Are We Ok / Tinsel Tears 7" single
Released June 26th, 2019 (Limited to 500 numbered copies and ONLY available for sale at the UK shows)
Listen here:

Are We OK by Mike Randle & Rusty Squeezebox
Johnny Echols - Vocals & lead guitar
Mike Randle - Vocals & 12 string electric guitar
Rusty Squeezebox – Vocals & acoustic guitar
Dave Chapple – Bass guitar & harmonica
David Green – Drums & percussion

Tinsel Tears by Mike Randle & Rusty Squeezebox
Johnny Echols - Lead guitar
Mike Randle – Vocals, 12 string electric guitar & tremolo guitar
Rusty Squeezebox – Acoustic guitar
Dave Chapple – Bass guitar
David Green – Drums & percussion
Probyn Gregory – Trumpet

29. June 2019:

Added photos to Brighton

4. January 2019:

The Love band will be touring UK and Spain in June and July.
I have set up a page with dates, where to get tickets reviews, photos and more.
The Love band Farewell UK Tour Summer 2019
I would like to get reviews, photos, scan of ticket ...., so please send what ever you have to me

6. July 2016:

"Notes from an aeroplane" notes from Mike

Added more photos to Brighton

5. July 2016:

Added Setlist and Photos to Brighton

July 4. 2016

"Notes from The Big Smoke" from Mike

Added more photos to Frome

Added more photos to London

July 3. 2016:

Added photos to Southampton

Added photos to Coventry

July 2. 2016:

One more "Notes on a tea cup" from Mike

Added more photos and setlist to Frome

New "Notes on a tea cup" from Mike

London review from Louder Than War

July 1. 2016:

Added photos to Frome

June 30. 2016:

Making updates and listening to the new cd:

Fantastic one.

Added photos to London

June 29. 2016:

Added setlist from Norwich

Added setlist and more photos from York

New notes from Mike

York review on the Yorkpress

Manchester review on Silentradio and Gigjunkies

June 27. 2016:

New "Notes on a cofee cup" from Mike

Added photos from York

Liverpool review from Getintothis

A reign of Love revisits Manchester

June 26. 2016:

Added new photos to Manchester, setlist and photos from Liverpool and new Notes by Mike

June 25. 2016

New "Notes on a Coffe Cup" from Mike

June 24. 2016

Added setlist and photos to Manchester concert

June 23. 2016

Mike Randle's Notes from the UK tour 2016

June 21. 2016

Celebrating the music of Arthue Lee
Love revisited will be touring the UK in June and July.
I have set up a page with dates, where to get tickets reviews, photos and more.
Love revisited UK Summer Tour 2016
I would like to get reviews, photos, scan of ticket ...., so please send what ever you have to me

January 5. 2016

Happy New Year.

There has been a change in the tour dates for Love revisited.
Dates to be found here:

October 19. 2015:

New Arthur Lee & Love 4 Disc Box Set. "Coming Through To You: The Live Recordings 1970-2004"

RockBeat Records is proud to announce the new Arthur Lee & Love 4 Disc Box Set. "Coming Through To You: The Live Recordings 1970-2004". We're going to have a Bo...x Set release party and Celebration of Arthur Lee & Love music at the Whisky A Go-Go November 17th. The celebration will feature a live performance by LOVE revisited Featuring Johnny Echols and special guest(s). The Artwork was done by William Stout.
A limited number of tickets are available to the public through the Whisky or Ticketmaster. Hope to see everyone at the Celebration!


September 27. 2015

LOVE revisited tour the UK in Summer 2016 to mark the 10th anniversary of Arthur Lee's passing.

Original LOVE member Johnny Echols is joined by Arthur's longest serving band for these special dates.

Go to for tickets and more info.

September 24. 2015:

High Moon Records

Announces Deluxe Reissue of


The Final Studio Album – Remastered and Redefined

First Time Ever On CD and Digital — 11/27/15
Back On Vinyl After Over 40 Years — 2/19/16

 Available now exclusively to our loyal customers at a special Pre-Order Price—$3 off retail price!—on High Moon Record's website.

Pre-order on iTunes:
(iTunes pre-order includes advance download of “Time Is Like A River”)

“Rich in soulful, unconventional details, masterful singing, crunchy-guitar rock, straight-up Stax-grounded soul, eccentric psychedelia and contemporary funk.” – David Fricke, Rolling Stone

“Lee was perfectly at ease stretching the boundaries of his music to encompass the sounds of the world at large.” – NPR Music


On November 27 High Moon Records will be reissuing the final studio album from one of rock music’s most gifted and enigmatic legends — expanded with 12 bonus tracks. Available on CD/Digital for the first time and back on Vinyl after more than 40 years, Reel To Real captures Arthur Lee and Love at the peak of their rock/funk/soul powers.

Originally recorded and released in 1974 on RSO Records, this beautifully packaged, deluxe reissue features vibrant, remastered audio from the original tapes, a 32-page booklet with an illuminating essay by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke, and a trove of candid, unpublished photos. Today, “Time is Like a River” was released on Rolling Stone and is now available to listen and share on YouTube. The track will be available as an instant download with the pre-order of Reel To Real on iTunes.

What Arthur Lee began on Love’s Black Beauty, he brought to fruition on Reel To Real. Armed with a major label budget and a powerful, intuitive band, he dug deep into the blues, soul, and rock grooves that first inspired him, reaching out to a new audience with his fierce and forward-thinking personal vision. The album features Arthur’s beloved Black Beauty band: drummer Joe Blocker, guitarist Melvan Whittington, and bassist Robert Rozelle — who Lee referred to as “cats who can play funky and rock" — augmented by guitar-ace John Sterling and cameo appearances by legendary guitarists Harvey Mandel and “Buzzy” Feiten. 
To a palette of stinging guitars, explosive brass (arranged by Arthur Lee), deep funk bass and clavinet, splashes of spacey synthesizer, and dream-team female backing vocals, Arthur Lee brought his funkiest and most soulful collection of songs, channeling the most visceral vocal performances he ever committed to tape.
High Moon Records has unearthed 11 revelatory, previously-unreleased tracks from the original sessions, including alternate takes and mixes, live-in-studio rehearsals, and 4 newly-discovered Arthur Lee originals: “Do It Yourself,” “I Gotta Remember,” “Somebody,” and “You Gotta Feel It.” These songs (three fully-produced rockers, and a spare, Imagine-era John Lennon-by-way-of Sly Stone studio sketch) were previously unknown to all but their original participants, and present a major addition to Arthur Lee’s catalog. Other bonus track highlights include the guitar fury in the extended, alternate mix of “Busted Feet,” the eccentric and darkly-comic single mix of “You Said You Would,” and an impromptu studio rehearsal of Forever Changes outtake “Wonder People (I Do Wonder).” This ultra-rare bonus material fills out the picture of a fearless, agile and very funky ensemble, led by a masterful singer-songwriter at his feral, exultant best.

• CD packaged in a deluxe custom Digipak with a full-color, 32-page booklet. 
 • LP pressed on high-quality RTI vinyl with full-color, 28-page LP-sized booklet
 • LP includes download card for high-quality album & bonus tracks
 • Digital Download includes full-color, 26-page PDF booklet

––– Original Album Tracks –––
 1. Time Is Like A River
 2. Stop The Music
 3. Who Are You?
 4. Good Old Fashion Dream
 5. Which Witch Is Which
 6. With A Little Energy
 7. Singing Cowboy
 8. Be Thankful For What You Got
 9. You Said You Would
10. Busted Feet
11. Everybody’s Gotta Live

       ––– Bonus Tracks –––
12. Do It Yourself [Outtake]
13. I Gotta Remember [Outtake]
14. Somebody [Outtake]
15. You Gotta Feel It [Outtake]
16. With A Little Energy [Alternate Mix]
17. Busted Feet [Alternate Mix]
18. You Said You Would [Single Mix]
19. Stop The Music [Alternate Take]
20. Graveyard Hop [Studio Rehearsal]
21. Singing Cowboy [Alternate Take]
22. Everybody’s Gotta Live [Electric Version]
23. Wonder People (I Do Wonder) [Studio Rehearsal]
      All Bonus Tracks Previously Unreleased Except 18


Pre-order Deluxe CD and LP from High Moon Records:



January 9. 2015:

Happy New Year to all.

I hope to be more active this year, so hopefully you will see more updates.


January 11. 2014:

Happy New Year to all.

Good news from High Moon Records:

A New Year's Revelation...

 High Moon Records is proud to announce the release of its first CDs available exclusively on our website 

CDs ship mid-January


December 21. 2013:

Sorry for the lack of updates this year.
There has been a few reasons for this and I don't want to explain too much.
I hope that after all there still is informations on the site that's useful.

March 7. 2013:

Birthday of Arthur Lee

Take out some time to remember him and do as he said: "Love one another"

January 19. 2013:

Updated album discography and added scan of Black Beauty album

Here's a drawing by Claus Seidel to illustrate Love's concert in Copenhagen 1970:


January 6. 2013:

Looking forward to receive the Black Beauty album.

Order it at High Moon Records


Had a listen to the new version of Love Live, the Complete Show from Whisky-a-gogo featuring Bryan MacLeanand must say it's an upgrade to previosly versions.
It's available at Amazon, Itunes,
eMusic, Rhapsody, etc.

January 6. 2013:

Happy New Year to all.

You will find last years news in the menu.

Love collectables:

Love Rock posters, concert tickets & memoribilia

Mike Randle's Diaries

Just Another Day In The Life
By Johnny Echols

Arthur Lee - Love Merchandise




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