Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 04. juli 2016


Day Off, June 3rd, 2016

Notes from the Big Smoke:

Stevie picked me up in his convertible sports car from Gemma and Nick’s around 1pm and we zipped to a market to get some beers for the house. Then we went to their place where we waited for Rusty to get ready to go. Then Mike H, Stevie, Sue, Rusty, David and I went on a good 15 minute walk to the train station, but not before stopping by Film Director, David Lean’s childhood home. Then we went to (wot Sue calls) “The Offy”, which is an Off-License business that sells a variety of beers, wines and spirits (as opposed to a Licensed business that specifically carries certain local and non-local Cask Ales, which have no nitrates or preservatives in this. One might say the ingredients are “active” or “alive”. The flavor usually has much body to it and are sometimes quite “hoppy”). We enjoyed our beers while waiting for the train. And once we were on it, my texts were not going through to the Lovely Lady so Steve was relaying things but lord only knows how accurate that can be...He just sends her pictures of his tattoo on his left arm when he gets bored!

So i bought my all-day tube pass, which was around £12 and then we got the tube and went to Victoria Station where Steve and Sue headed to Hyde Park for the Carole King concert and so we kept going and transferred or something or another eventually. It was a lot of walking. We stopped off at the British Library, where there were original sheet music works displayed by Handel, Beethoven and the like. There was also a very well done history of British Punk exhibit in one of the other wings. We then got the tube again and those guys went to the British Museum while I went to a small coffee shop and had a cafe au lait.

Then we headed over to a cool pub that escapes me, the name, that is. I reported it incorrectly in a previous blog. I wanna say “Golden Something or another” but i’ll just hafta edit it later. It was just before Soho, right off Denmark Street. It was there that we met up with our old pal who was on part of the 1996 LOVE with Arthur Lee UK/ Europe tour, Richard “Rocky” Meehan. So we all got pints and set about ordering some food, which was either burgers or fried chicken. Yes, my diet has been non-existent. Gonna totally buckle down once i’m back home, which is tomorrow night! So, after that lunch we headed towards and through Soho in to Chinatown to a very cool cocktails bar called The Experimental Club. The other guys ordered something exotic and of course I didn’t write down the names. Myself, I went for what i generally order at the Liquid Kitty back in West L.A.; A Filthy Vodka Martini, 3 Olives, shaken, not stirred. The vibe and the drinks were just wot the doctor ordered.

So, then we hopped the London tube once again and this time we were in Croydon and took a taxi to Steve’s house we were chilled and I texted the L.L. cause I miss her so much and always want to see how she is doing. And, as usual, her texts are always giddy and clever but she also will touch on some things like wot project she is working on and errands she is running and wot trouble her pup has gotten into! I always enjoying hearing about those things. Anytime. So, in between our digital communication, I was nursing a Carlsberg while we ordered a Curry. After we ate (it was pretty late...about midnight), I took an Uber back to Gemma and Nick’s place. Once I got settled in, gave the Lovely Lady a call and we had a good chat. Nick even said hello! After we said bye I went to bed, totally knackered from the day.