Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 02. juli 2016


July 2nd, Saturday, 2016

Notes on a Tea Cup:

Well, we played Coventry last night at the Empire, which is a cool looking and sounding rock n roll club. Alun Morgan and his wife came and were right up front (as usual!) taking pics and rocking out. Also, BBQ Chris brought beers...again! Saw Tina there as well as our pals from York, Robin and Hannah, who are neighbors to Mike and Toni Harrison. Full Disclosure: I am down to my last clean pair of underwear. I either MUST do laundry tomorrow or someone needs to get me a pair of boxer briefs, size S (preferably with a Union Flag on ‘em). LOL.

OK, so, Like, we totally rolled into Coventry and unloaded our gear and the dudes that worked there were really nice n stuff and we got through some technical issues but then it was all good. Then we went to dinner at this nice place (i forgot the name!) but it’s where I had that big f*ck off hella large imperial pint of weisen. Also had the baked chicken, rice n salad, all very good. Then Johnny and I had to get back to the venue to do an interview with a writer.

Johnny and i completed the interview (the writer is going to continue some questions with me this weekend, as we only had 30 min. To conduct it). We caught the last bits of Proto Idiot and afterwards they informed me that they are being sued for their album artwork (their CD is called “Proto Idiot for Dummies”) and of course, the dummies over at “For Dummies” are no dummies when it comes to copyright infringement. My advice to them was to go as public as possible and make them come after you. If they fancy shooting mosquitoes with elephant guns, then why not let them?

So, after we were all packed up we drove back to the hotel and then we made a little party in Steve and Mike’s room. Or, as our old sound guy, Kose, used to say (in his lovely Danish accent) on all our old tours with Arthur Lee, “Yes, we now make a party on the hotel!”. So David G., CHapple, Rusty, Mike H, Stevie and myself had some snacks and wine and laughs. We even made a video of us goofing off for the Lovely Lady. Stevie insisted on having his Tattooes on film, adding, ‘Your Girlfriend loves my Tats” LOL… This may be true! Or maybe he misunderstood her? Is it possible she was referring to his Tits? Ho! Slam the Mic, yo!

I decided to give the ol girl a ring, as she was just leaving work and we had a really wonderful chat and of course she said the video made her laugh a lot. It’s funny, It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I was home but we are so in touch all the time it’s like she’s right here. And that’s a nice feeling :-) When you are away from home and constantly traveling you can get down. I’m really lucky we have so many amazing supporters that constantly lif us up. But, to me, nobody does it better than the Lovely Lady. And as I said goodbye to her last night just before going to bed I realized those guys were still going at it. I hit the pillow hard and was out in seconds...but the last thing I remember is Stevie hitting a bottle of Port HARD. Like, whoa, son, whatchadoing?

So, I got up this morning and went outside for some fresh air and rememebered that there was a Nandos across from us! But it was closed. I have been looking forward to a Nandos, man. Maybe we will pass another before leaving. Now, when I saw Dave Chapple this morning, the first thing he said was, “I think Stevie drank the whole thing od Port”. Now, check out is at noon and Stevie made a point of reminding everyone. How much YOU wanna bet he is a total wreck??? 3-to-1-odds, anyone? If he isn’t, then he is a machine cause I don’t see anyone surviving that unscathed. Assuming we get out of this hotel at a decent time (it’s already 11:56am so i’ve nearly won the bet already!)...OK, just ran and got my bags (left Laptop and iPhone unguarded whups!) and it’s now exactly Noon! SHould i try Nandos to go? Does anyone want to smell stinky chicken for 3 hours to Southampton? I kinda doubt it…

OH SHIT, Stevie just walked up to NOON! He did it. I never lost faith...LOL