Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 02. juli 2016


July 1st, Friday, 2016

Notes on a Tea Cup:

Haven’t had the proper chance to blog lately as we have been like bam bam bam bam hit the ground running! The London show was just a slice of many fun folks we ain’t seen in ages...And seeing Jane and Glenn Povey was really fun. I think we also put together a sweet sweet set list and that made the show really flow. After the gig we went to Steve and Sue’s house but not before stopping for chicken kebabs for all after we dropped off Johnny and Georgie at their hotel. But Steve and Sue got 3 cats and by 1am i was in full on allergies and wound up sleeping on the bus instead. And of course, daylight occurring at about 4:30am so I didn’t get much sleep.

We took off from London and headed to Frome, where we playing at the Cheese and Grain. Once we got there we recognized the promoter, as he used to tour manage the Zombies so we’d actually toured with him (note: LOVE w/ Arthur Lee toured the USA with The Zombies in the fall of 2004, not long after Arthur’s best friend, Don “Signed DC” Conca, died, which left Arthur more than a bit sad). Now, once we unloaded and got our gear out Dave Chapple noticed the nut on my guitar had broken where the Low “E” sits. He and Steve were off to a shop to buy super glue and baking soda for a class Dave Chapple “Mac Guyver” move (Note: In 1996, while in Odense, Denmark, we had a battery operated small guitar amp that took 2 “AA” batteries. We only had one battery but Dave Chapple stacked 6 Tuborg Bottles on top of it and somehow through the conductivity the amp light came on and we were rocking! David Fairweather got his harmonica and we did an impromptu blues jam!). Suffice to say, the Tele held up like a champ and Frome got a fun show!

After the show, we packed up and headed to Mike and Becca Wey’s accommodations at Wey manor, Mike’s 10-bedroom country home, just outside of Frome. Mike made us his world class chili and Becca made us her world class veggie pasta bake. Followed by lots and lots of wine. Then, as we all were stuffed and ready for bed (and poor Becca had already fell asleep at the dinner table - why didn't anyone take pics?????), Mike Wey poured me a righteous glass of single malt scotch that went down super smooth.

We awoke this morning to Mike’s proper British fry up of bacon, eggs, potatoes, fried tomatoes and black pudding and mushrooms. Finished about noon, hugged and took photos and said goodbye to the Weys and hit the road for Coventry University, where we play the Empire tonight. Of course, funny thing is that we are NOT on the Marquee but instead it's SHED SEVEN! WTF???? Alan Leach is having a laugh right about now!

Took some nice photos from my window from Wey Manor. Meant to text the Lovely Lady before I went to bed but I hit the bed and just crashed. She’d gone out to dinner with the bassist from The Sexy Black Quartet, Diane, and I'd hoped she had a blast. Turns out she had a wonderful time and as usual I was met with her very funny (and thoughtful) PM and texts :-)

So now we have finished sound check and are having dinner in some cool little joint up the road. The bartender, Martin, says,” I saw you in Sidney, Australia in 2004. And again in Wolverhampton in 2003. My mate bought you a Kebab after our show at the Robin 2. I TOTALLY remembered him! I was with Fraser, our merch guy! Good times. Ok, dinner is served!