Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 27. juni 2016

Monday June 27, 2016.

Notes On A Coffee Cup:

Well, we went to one of mike Harrison’s buddies from Shed 7’s house. He had a funny ass BBQ that was ABBA themed. Yes, a ABBA-Q. Or was it a BABBA-Q? We went to that for a bit then headed over to the Crescent to unload our gear. Then we chilled in the dressing room for a good spell and then sound-checked. Then Johnny, Georgie and Chapple started watching a video on Blues guys like Muddy Waters. Then Mike H. brought us some Thai food that was not meant to be spicy but of course it was spicy. Went to the outdoors rooftop to chill in the sun until the sun decided to run away and of course, it being England, it started pissing down. So I went inside and finally got some WiFi and called The Lovely Lady. Totally woke her up (sorry, Baby!) but she was so sweet about it. She’d been up earlier cause her hilarious Beagle had gotten her up early so she was back asleep then I wake her up! Poor gal! But she was doing well and it was fantastic to hear her voice cause I miss her so much and then she went back to sleep.

Not long after that I got a text from Scottish Keith that him and the Mrs were eating down the road and would be over shortly. Then some old school LOVE fans showed up like Chris Jones. And then Tina and Lizzy B. Lizzy brought me back my LOVE jacket I loaned her more than 10 years ago. She was battling an illness and I said hey you are gonna win this and so take this jacket and do not return it until you see me again in England. That was 11 years ago. ANd there she was and she brought the jacket! There were only 4 jackets made by Arthur Lee’s old manager, the late Gene Kraut. Gene had one made for himself and one for Chapple and myself. The 4th one he gave to his daughter I think. But they are super rare and made in Sweden. It used to be too small for me but luckily i lost 20+ lbs so now it fits!

Got to hang with some awesome pals like Hayley Forrest and her funny as all fuck and talented hubby, Sam Forrest. Many of you know Sam from his amazing band, “Nine Black Alps” but I affectionately think of him as the guy who wrote the Skateboard Park song. And also, I remember him as a kid in The Halcyum Band like 20 years ago! Also, got to finally meet the one and only Amy Greene! I said, “you are the Super Fan.” She totally put me on blast, “No Mike, YOU are a fan of ME!” Dang, snap.

DJ Dan Guest threw down some amazing jams and Proto Idiot rocked the house and did a blistering cover of LOVE’s “My Flash On You”. Then we came out and played to 250 people...the largest crowd so far of the tour (Manchester was 200 and Liverpool was 220) and the club was HOT HOT HOT and we were sweating after each song. There was a woman dancing and sweating profusely. She was bobbing and bouncing and her mammalian protuberances were about to hit this poor lad in the head (she was 6 ft tall and he was a 10-year old kid). I quickly gave her a bottle of water, as she was going to faint for certain.

The kid turned out to be DJ Dan’s son, Gules. Rusty gave him a tambourine and let him count off “My Little Red Book”. The crowd was totally amazing and even sang Johnny a song! After the show, we hung with Keith and Tina and also gave Tina a little grab bag for Torben in Denmark. Torben is THE quintessential Arthur Lee/ LOVE fan and archives guy. Also saw Toni Harrison he brought 10-year old Evie! And our old pal, Scottish Stevie and his wife, Caren Kennedy.

Then we took a taxi back to Mike’s and had beer, pizza and wings with Frank’s Hot Sauce. Total diet wrecker! Had some funny PM’s wit the Lovely Lady and called it a night. York totally rocked. Day off today. What can I get into...which means going into town in ten minutes with my old pal of 20 years or so, Jo Defty who was also at the show and rocking out!