Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 26. juni 2016


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Notes on a Coffee Cup:

Donít know how iím up at 7:30am, as we didnít roll into York until 3am and i didnít fall asleep until nearly 4am. Huge round of applause for the Liverpool crowd last night. There always seems to be a real competition between Manchester and Liverpool and we kinda knew LíPool wasnít going to be outdone. Of course, no disrespect to Manchester! That crowd was amazingly good fun and the town was swinging and swaying to the beat. Liverpool was a much younger crowd over all and seems like there were loads more people in bands, male and female. Although the crowds have been quite sausage heavy, there were definitely more birds in attendance last night than any other night!

Our day yesterday began with us leaving our nice hotel in Warwickshire and driving an hour to swap out Dave Chappleís Bass rig for another in Salford. In that time to take to swap things, Stevie and Rusty had a wander over to the Salford Ladís CLub, made famous from those SMITHS album covers. Speaking of which, Johnny Marr wasnít able to make the Manc. show, although he asked David Jenkins to have us sort him out tickets. No problem, Johnny. Anytime!

After we got the amp we headed to a place (i believe) called Far Lyes on Bates Road to visit Nick Drakeís family house he grew up and lived in his entire life. There was a church near there and this area was called Tanworth in Arden. We then visited his grave site and paid our respects. The headed over to the local pub for lunch. Some of us had Steak or chicken pie. Dave Green had soup and I had Cabbage and potatoes. We settled up and did the rest of the haul to Liverpool.

Pulled into Liverpool just about 5pm and Johnny had to quickly get dressed and taxi over the LOVE film that was playing down the road (10 min ride) for a Q&A, while we unloaded and set up. This is a total team roadies not named Mike, Stevie, Rusty or Dave! We got everything into the venue when Scottish Keith arrived and helped out with the merch table. A bit after that, Tina Winter and Liz Barnett - two Old School Arthur Lee and LOVE fans - arrived and it was like the old days again! Arthur used to have Tina film all the shows for him. Then, yet another old fan arrived; ďBrummy JimĒ. He was like, ďYouíre not gonna remember me, Mike. Iím JimĒ. But I did remember him, even his last name! Then, to top it off, the biggest troublemaker of them all arrived; Irish Barry! Anyone who ever kept up with my tour diaries from 2002-2005 may recall this guy. I canít remember how long we been pals but we go as far back as 1997, if not before that. Well, Barry showed up with his beautiful wife, Ciara, and we had some good nice laughs and it was so great that they could get baby sitters and jet off from Ireland and catch our show. Thanks again, fellas.

We sound checked about 6:30 with Edgar Jones and then with Mick Head, of Shack, who used to back Arthur back in 1992, a year before Baby Lemonade. As a matter of fact, when I first met Arthur, he could not stop playing me a cassette tape of him doing 7&7 Is with them in Paris! (Iím sure Diane Lee and David Fairweather could go on and on about all the tapes Arthur made us listen to in his black townhouse car he used to have WIlliam Youngblood drive him around town in !!!!) He was so proud and he really wanted that energy back and I think he saw that in us when we opened for him in 1993. We got the gig to be LOVE the next day. Sometimes things just happen for a reason.

With all the soundchecks done, Proto Idiot played a blistering set, definitely apt for the scene at hand. The Edgar Jones came on and did his numbers with his acoustic guitar and sweet voice and soulful groove. The it was our turn. The club was PACKED. Security muscled Rusty, me and the Daves to the right side and onto the stage. Johnny had to be brought in the other way round from outside. And as we played the first 2 or 3 tunes, it felt like THE OLD DAYS. Seeing all the familiar faces...Alun Morgan was there as well with his wife...and here I was, 11 years older than the last time I played this town, yet feeling 20 years younger. The Brits were leaving the bad taste of the Brexit fight outside and leaving nothing but LOVE inside.

After the gig, got to hang with another old fan/ friend, Captín Louise Dowell, her hubby and her pal, Nici! Captín Louise even offered up a ďHow yahz doiníĒ to The Lovely Lady, via my iPhone video! Speaking of which, The Lovely Lady had me cracking up before showtime, which had me totally chilled. She just has this really amazing sense of humor and makes me laugh like nobody else can :-) And , so nice of her, to wish us a great gig and then when i check my phone after the show, thereís a sweet text asking how it went and stuff. When youíre away from home, for 6 days now, things like that really make you feel great about what youíre doing.

After we got all packed up we figured, what would this trip to Liverpool be like if we didnít at least get a Kebab!!!! Yes, everyone remembers Kebabs and Mike Randle!!!! And so it went, we all got Kebabs and ate them on the mean streets of Liverpool (and I mean MEAN! We witnessed a drug bust a few feet from us!) We set off at 1am and finally made it to York about 3am. I listened to some Brian Eno and eventually drifted off to sleep. But not before first running the entire nightís wonderful vibes through my mind... All the nice people...all the music great the club and staff treated us and the everyone wants to make me Deviled Eggs LOL! Well, Iím back in Los Angeles in 9 days and the Lovely Lady has promised me some so I am definitely looking forward to that. Signing off from the beautiful house in York Iím staying inÖ

(Last Nightís Set lIst!)

***LOVE revisited (set list Liverpool)

My Little Red Book
Canít Explain
You Iíll Be Following
Andmoreagain (w/ Edgar Jones)
Stephanie Knows Who (w/ Edgar Jones)
A House Is Not A Motel (w/ Mick Head)
She Comes In Colours (w/ Mike Head)
Your Mind and We (w/ Mick Head)
Orange Skies
Between Clark and Hilldale
Alone Again Or
Softly To Me
Daily Planet
Bummer In The Summer
Live and Let Live
The Red Telephone
You Set The Scene
Robert Montgomery
Laughing Stock
Signed DC
Seven & Seven IS