Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 25. juni 2016


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Notes on a Coffee Cup:

Manchester was such a fab time. Thanks again, everyone who came. Super fab time hanging with The Newds, who are working on a new LP. Also got a text from Dan (Hannah Jane Randle's older bro) saying the Manc show was tops and saying it was good to see me again, as it has been about 3 years since I last say him in Bolton and his two kids (Buddy's cousins) were just so adorable. The Ruby Lounge folks treated us great, as did the Fans. Thanks again to Alun Morgan, a SUPER hard ass Arthur Lee fan who is cheeky as all fuck. And we LOVE him! Headed back to York and crashed out...

So then, on Friday we set off for this private function we were to play. We stopped off at a J9 that was next to a Farm Shop so all the foods came directly from there. We totally got our grub on. I had the Spaghetti Bolognese, which Stevie and Mike called, "Spit Bols", and it turned out to be not bad at all. Everyone had a big, old fashion filling British meal and then we were off again tot his gig. And so, sometime just after soundcheck , we were sitting in a dining room. Of course it started to rain. Then it stopped. I had been working on a video of us with the song, "Rainbow In The Storm", as the background (The Live version, from last year's Box Set is Epic) and I was trying to load it to FaceBook but it wouldn't load (still won't). I turned and looked out the window...and there it was...a Rainbow in the Storm! And then it rained some more And of course the gig was outside. Of course it got muddy. And we totally rocked it! Then the bus got stuck in the mud. And then we had to get a gang of lads who looked like they could all play football for the Hot Spurs. David Green would up with about 3 Lbs of mud all over his pants and shoes. We will def. need to get his stuff washed before tonight's show, since we are not back in York until late tonight.

Had been emailing the Lovely Lady off and on when I had WiFi. We we'd played right near the University of Warwickshire, where I believe her dad taught at one point. After the gig, Stevie drove us all back to the hotel where we had, in honor of our old Arthur Lee sound guy, Kose Sorensen, we made a "Party on the Hotel", which Ketil Solberg and Anna Dager can bear witness to...WE DONT PLAY! So, this time it was in Rusty's room and we laughed our asses off listening to all kinds of music, including some rare Alex Chilton stuff from 1970. And then we ran out of red wine. The Newds bottle Paul Meagher had given us was long gone, haven succumb to the "Mud Adventure Waiting and Standing Party". All in all, it was a fun evening except for David Green's pants and shoes.

So, we set off in 2 hours time for Liverpool. This nice Hotel somehow found it fit to raise the breakfast price from 10 quid to 15 quid so we are all passing on that and plan to get something along the way. Tonight Mick Head (from Shack - one of Hannah's all-time fave bands) is gonna do some numbers with us. Have not seen him since 2005, when we last played L'Pool and got up and sang with us.

OK, I am totally missing some good ol Deviled eggs. I love wm and really don't know my limit when it comes to them. Dan Epstein and Katie Howerton make some kick ass Deviled Eggs. I'm gonna be in Chicago in mid August so I'm warning them both now in advance...

Oh, and the Lovely Lady forgot to remind me to get my SM 57 mic after the show but I remembered anyways. Big props to the sound guys last night. Thanks, Ian. Thank you, John. Time to shower. Hopefully Chris from the Regal Peaches has had time to check in on my tiny studio apartment and get the mail for me. When I left it was over 100F inside my place AND I LIVE 1 1/2 MILES FROM THE BEACH!!!

Lastly, had some bizarre dreams last night...can't even remember them all but one part really stood good pal (and former Baby Lemonade member), Jim Laspesa, had grown one of those cool barbor shop harmony mustaches like the bassist from Husker Du! He looked way cool (not that he doesn't already look way cool!). So, Jim, if you were thinking of growing one, just know that the Universe was speaking to you via me! Roll on, Liverpool!