Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 25. juni 2016


June 23, 2016

“Notes on a Coffee cup”

So, yesterday after we kicked about playing guitar and enjoying a nice York day, with clouds and a wee bit of sunshine but temps in the mid 60’s, which was an upgrade from the blistering 100+ Los Angeles temps on Monday. Georgie has been getting to know her smartphone while Johnny spent most of the afternoon playing guitar. Rusty and David Green had been reading and Dave Chapple was working on his basses (soldering things, cleaning them up, etc…). Stevie, Mike and I decided to have a dip in Mike’s Jacuzzi. Earlier in the day, we were looking at this cool book Stevie got Mike for his birthday. Basically, it’s a book about the coolest 1,000 record stores. On one of the pages was my old boss, as awesome as ever, Bob Say. Bob used to own Moby Disc Records and currently co-owns Sherman Oaks’ Freak Beat Records. We were totally checking that book out and stuff. Very cool things in that.

So, after our totally fun and chilled Jacuzzi dip (David Green couldn’t resist and had to hop in after a while!), we dried off and I took a nap after a bit of nice texting with The Lovely Lady. Then I was awakened to a loud bang at the door saying we were heading down to the Crescent Club to rehearse. So we piled in the Splitter Bus and within 10 minutes Stevie had negotiated an endless stream of roundabouts in order to get us to the club. And that got me thinking; wouldn’t it be easier to just make the road go in a straight line instead of all these dang roundabouts? Or maybe it’s a trick to get us to visit all the pubs along the way? I counted no fewer than 8 public houses from Mike’s to the Venue.

The promoter (Joe) and the sound guy (John) were there to let us in. We set up and went about doing our thing from about 5pm to 8pm. Headed back to Mike’s pad where Mike BBQ’d burgers and we washed them down with Coronas. Mike’s neighbors, Robin and Hannah, came over, as well as Mike’s parents, Jackie and John Harrison. We hadn’t seen his mum and dad in ages and his mum always been sweet to me. Around the BBQ Robin’s fiance’, Hannah, asked if The Lovely Lady was gonna fly over the pond for any shows. I told them she’d just done her trek in Spain a few weeks back and had a busy schedule and, with all that, I doubted she’d make it over. Of course, I never count her out of anything!

Anyone who remember all the cool LOVE merch we use to have back in 2002-2005 may or may not know that all that gear was designed by our bassist, Dave Chapple. From the LOVE with Arthur Lee coffee mugs to the LOVE one-size-fits-all knickers, it was all Dave. Well, he is back! He has designed some way cool tee shirts (in black and grey) exclusively for this UK tour. There is also a limited 15-song LIVE CD from the Burg Herzberg Festival we played in Germany back in July of 2005. I’m including photos for the curious. These are very cool so don’t get left out.

Finally hit the hay around midnight...woke up again at 1:30am (just catching the Lovely Lady as she was about to walk her pup!), fell asleep again and woke up at 4:30am, stayed up till 6am, went back to sleep and then woke up at 10am. And, as Dave’s job is to play bass AND be the resident director of art design, my gig is to play guitar and keep track of the merch in Excel with Dave. So, no hanging out all night after gigs; I got work to do! Also, posters available!