Carling Academy, Liverpool
UK. July 3. 2005

Last Update: 28. juli 2005

Alone Again Or
The Daily Planet
My Little Red Book
A House is Not a Motel
Your Mind And We
Orange Skies
Live and Let Live
The Red Telephone
Que Vida!
Stephanie Knows Who
She Comes In Colors
Old Man
You Set The Scene
Between Clark and Hilldale
Signed DC
Can't Explain
Seven & Seven Is
Singing Cowboy



A heads-up for anyone going to see Love on this tour - went to the Liverpool gig last night to find Arthur Lee had pulled out 'due to illness', but the band would still be playing. There was a full refund on offer, or a partial refund to see the band without Arthur.

It seems most people chose to watch the band anyway, and we weren't disappointed. Rusty did a good job with the vocals and the band were great overall. They played past the curfew and came out and mingled afterwards. Apparently Arthur didn't even travel to the UK so the rest of the tour will be Arthur-less (rumour has it that he may never tour again), but worth seeing anyway.

Rusty played guitar throughout the night with Dave playing the bass (except for when he passed the bass to Mike while he blew some harp - very nice!). Rusty didn't try to do Arthur on the vocals but kept it laid back, and did a pretty good job to everyone's delight, with help from Johnny Echols and Mike Randle. Johnny was there throughout singing and playing (occasionally maracas and tambourine), but only played one solo as far as I could tell (although I may be wrong, but this one was definitely his *main* one of the night). It was in a song called Revelation, and was really good. This song in particular was a highlight of the show for me. They really did try to pull out all the stops to show their appreciation for everyone choosing to see them play without Arthur rather than getting a refund. I for one would see them again without Arthur. They also had a guest for a couple of numbers who played guitar and sang - John Head from Shack who played with Arthur back around 1992.

They did a couple of encores and came out to mingle. Mike said that they plan to play all of their gigs, and that they had to cancel one - not sure why they had to cancel that one and not others. A good night was had by all regardless.

Tom Traynor