Town Hall, New York
US Oct. 13. 2004

Last Update: 15. oktober 2004

A House Is Not A Motel
Alone Again Or
7 and 7 is
Old Man
Bummer In The Summer
You Set The Scene
Red Telephone
Your Mind And We Belong Together
Signed DC
My Flash On You
Orange Skies
Live And Let Live
Singing Cowboy
My Little Red Book
Between Clark And Hilldale


Caryl and I finally got set straight on the workings of Queens, NY. Can you believe, for example, there's a 67th Ave, 67th Rd, and 67th Dr that seem to hit you from the left and the right. We spent a couple hours with Mr. and Mrs LarryNYC, and it was great. They are fine people...I expected that.

After some pints and food at Connolly's, I tried to reach Mike on his cell, but wasn't successful. I was really looking forward to that, but the band was still sound checking even at 7:00 P.M. [I heard them through the stage door].

So, this is my first time for seeing Arthur.

I thought Arthur and the band looked great...they seemed quite relaxed. Johnny acted and played like he belongs there. Mr. Echols is a musician. I've always felt that the perfect compliment of having 2 lead guitarists is when one doesn't try to out-do the other. Mike and Johnny absolutely complimented each other.

I will agree with Larry that the sound of the venue doesn't ressonate. The venue is mostly concrete and not much for accoustics. It's like the sound hits a concrete wall, literally.

I loved the band and the concert. Arthur was personable and even funny at times. The band seemed very relaxed. Mike was awesome as he showed his command of his guitar. Chapple and Daddyo were just non-stop. Rusty does seem to be the one that keeps the whole thing going, in his own way. That's a bit hard to's just the leadership thing with Rusty is so subtle, yet so present. Arthur sounded great. Johnny even joined Rusty a tad on some backing vocals. After waiting for weeks for this, I was totally pleased and happy!!!

I stuck around for maybe 4 Zombies songs. Colin's voice is superb. I know this sounds biased, but I really feel that The Zombies should have been the opening act. But then again, I only stayed for 4 songs, then walked to the merchandise booth.

Arthur and Johnny were there. I did get to shake both of their hands. They both were very gracious to their fans. As mysterious as Arthur can be, on this night he was genuinely relaxed, looked great, and appeared to be really enjoying himself.

Later on today, I'll be going to the Collingswood, NJ gig. I'll bring my camera this time and hope to get some pics. I'll also bring my FC LP cover, and try to get some autographs. I'm just as pumped today as I was yesterday

Here's a few notes I took while scribing the set list...
A House Is Not A Motel-Arthur did a very nice harmonica solo.
Old Man-Arthur took off his hat, then he took off his glasses. His voice was wonderful.
Your Mind And We Belong Together-Johnny did the lead guitar
Signed DC-Just an incredible version. It was SO bluesy. Johnny took first lead. Then Mike took lead. And in the middle, more great harmonica from Arthur