Civic Centre, Aylesbury
UK Feb. 28. 2004

Last Update: 29. juni 2004

From The Bucks Herald

It was one of those brilliant nights which Aylesbury hasn’t seen Since the heyday of Friars in the seventies & eighties.
A true legend came to town and stunned a near-capacity crowd With a set which will go down as one of the greatest the town Has ever seen.
Arthur Lee remains one of the most enigmatic figures in rock music But, unlike many of his contemporaries, hasn’t sunk into pale Retreading of former glories.
When I saw Lee at his last local gig-Dunstable’s Queensway hall In the early seventies-his set was a shambolic mess. Since then He’s been through a minefield of drugs, dodgy records, group Members dying and in 95 was sentenced to jail for possessing Firearms.
But the Civic centre was a triumph which brought together old Friends in an atmosphere which many said they hadn’t Experienced for years.
Arthur Lee cuts a strangely powerful figure in his black hat and Shades. At times, his charisma shone through like his old
Friend Jimi Hendrix.
Lee is the only original member of the band, fronting a group Of young musicians made up of Los Angeles psychedelicists Baby Lemonade. They glided through the complex Arrangements from classic sixties albums like Forever Changes With skill and subtlety, and were greeted deliriously by the  Enraptured crowd.
The notoriously unpredictable Lee visibly warmed to the audience As the set progressed.
Its nice to have been here in Aylesbury-I hope I got that right”, Announced Arthur as the set drew to a close after a devastating Rendition of The Red Telephone.
“Hope to see you all again soon”. The guy next to me said he’d been waiting 38 years .It was that kind of night. Arthur Lee came to a town where he is not exactly a household Name and provided an evening that could only be described as Magical.
All credit must go to the Civic centre’s John Braley for sticking His neck out. Hopefully it marks the beginning of more quality Live music coming to the town.
This one did indeed prove that Love is all you need.
Kris Needs.