House Of Blues, West Hollywood, Ca.
USA, August 19. 2003

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Your Mind And We Belong Together
Orange Skies
My Little Red Book
Alone Again Or
A House Is Not a Motel
The Daily Planet
Old Man
The Red Telephone
Between Clark And Hilldale
Live & Let Live
The Good Humor Man
Bummer In The Summer
You Set The Scene
Signed D.C.
Everybody´s Gotta Live/Instant Karma
7 & 7 Is
My Flash On You
She Comes In Colors
Singing Cowboy
Smokestack Lightning (with Johnny Echols & Don Conka)

The Ensemble:
Dan Clucas: Trumpet/Flute
Paula Yoo: Violin
Probyn Gregory: Trumpet
Heather Lockie: Viola
Ana Vale: Cello


House of Blues, Hollywood August 18. 2003. Photo: The New Guy

Photos by The New Guy.

On August 19, 2003 the once and future "King of the Sunset Strip" returned to claim his throne. Heralded by the fanfare of trumpets and the swelling of strings, Arthur Lee held court at the Hollywood, California House of Blues and erased all doubt as to the divine righteousness of his claim to rock and roll royalty.

He began with a perfectly furious rendition of "Your Mind and We Belong Together" accompanied by his Love bandmates since 1993, - Rusty Squeezebox on rhythm guitar, Dave Chappelle on bass, David "Daddio" Green on drums and Mike Randle on lead guitar. "The last time I was here, this place was called Stratford's on the Strip," he mused to the packed house, adding with a chuckle, "You don't want to know . . ." and then the haunting melody of "Orange Skies" complete with flute accompaniment by Dan Clucas floated into the room. Lee's voice was in exquisite form as he executed the daring high notes so perfectly during the first chorus, that by the time they came around again in the second chorus he seemed almost defiant with bravado as he showed the packed house that this was going to be a night to remember and a show for all past and future Love shows to be compared to.

House of Blues, Hollywood August 18. 2003. Photo: The New Guy House of Blues, Hollywood August 18. 2003. Photo: The New Guy

Next Lee introduced "a very important song, 'Your Mind and We Belong Together'", apparently forgetting that he'd just used it as his opening number! After a false start and some debate with the band he was finally convinced of his error. (Well it wouldn't be an Arthur Lee show if everything went like clockwork now would it?) A rocking "My Little Red Book" was played instead and that little glitch was soon forgotten.

And then Mr. Lee and Love launched into an incredible performance of the entire "Forever Changes" album accompanied by Paula Yoo on violin, Heather Lockie on viola, Ana Vale on cello, Probyn Gregory on trumpet and Dan Clucas on trumpet and flute. Words cannot describe the incredible power and beauty of that performance. All I can say is go buy the recently released "Forever Changes Concert live at the Royal Festival Hall" in London and then use your imagination to make that album sound two or three times better than it already is!

House of Blues, Hollywood August 18. 2003. Photo: The New Guy

One of the many highlights of that set was "Old Man" written and originally sung by the late Bryan MacLean. On the live London cd Lee has some trouble hitting the highest notes. But at the House of Blues this night, Lee not only nailed those notes but he invested the entire song with such emotional intensity that Bryan must have been looking down and cheering along with the crowd.

After the triumphantly climactic "You Set The Scene" concluded the "Forever Changes" set, the band left the stage briefly, then returned to play some of the other favorites that the crowd had been shouting for all night: "Signed D.C.", "Everybody's Gotta Live/Instant Karma", "7 & 7 Is", "August" (another highlight of the evening driven by Dave "Daddio" Green's relentless polyrhythms), "My Flash on You", "She Comes in Colours" (featuring another beautiful performance by flautist Dan Clucas) and then closing with the anthemic "Singing Cowboy" featuring the entire Forever Changes strings and horns ensemble one last time.

House of Blues, Hollywood August 18. 2003. Photo: The New Guy

Then as a final treat, Arthur Lee called two members of his original Love band from 1966 out to the stage, Don Conka (as in Signed "D.C.") and guitar wizard Johnny Echols to perform one of their jams from the old days "Smokestack Lightning". Arthur played harmonica and gave his best Howling Wolf impersonation as they boogied the blues chestnut to a rousing finish.

House of Blues, Hollywood August 18. 2003. Photo: The New Guy

And as the crowd filed out there was no doubt in anyone's mind. King Arthur was back!


Photos from the rehearsal