Rondon, Athens
Greece. April 4. 2003

Last Update: 13. februar 2006

My Little Red Book
Orange Skies
Your Mind And We
Alone Again Or
A House Is Not A Motel
Andmore Again
Daily Planet
Old Man
The Red Telephone
Clark + Hilldale
Live And Let Live
Good Humor Man
Bummer In The Summer
You Set The Scene
Robert Modgommery
Signed D.C.
Everybody's Gotta Live/Instant Karma
Always See Your Face
My Flash On You
Singing Cowboy
7 And 7 Is.


"Hi There Folks!"

Arthur's voice salute us.The time was 22:30.The Rodon club was full.
His band started the first chords from "My little red book",the audience went crazy..."Orange skies" , "Your mind and we..".He stops... The Forever Changes String & Horn Ensemble gets on stage.4 violins,1 cello,2 trumpets and 1 trombone plus Dave,Rusty,David,Mike and ARTHUR. We had the chance to hear the whole Forever Changes album as it was written,full with strings & horns.Even now i still can't believe it.
Arthur's voice was so brilliant COOL...The band and the ensemble were excellent.They just didn't believe what was happening against the crowd. We new all the lyrics.Some of us ,even all the chords,the solos... They made us very happy and we did that to them with our extremely psychedelic behaviour.After the Forever Changes album the Ensemble gets of the stage."Robert Modgommery" ,"Signed D.C."(excellent guitar job from Mike),"August","Everybody's gotta live/Instant Kharma","Always seen your face",My Flash on you" and "Singing cowboy".
I and my pal Sakis had the chance to shake hands with Arthur .The audience screamed for more.Arthur was in a good mood (actually we are responsible for that),and he gets on stage for once more.I Screamed to him "oop-ip-ip oop-ip-ip yeah!!"...They played "7 And 7 Is".
They left.The time was 00:15.I stood there...Still...Speachless...
The whole band came down to the crowd(except Arthur)...Talking...Drinking...Laughing...Mike has signed my tiket.
The time was 2:10. Arthur Lee has left the building...I stood there Still...Speachless...My mind is still there.
Arthur you are always welcome here in our little psychedelic country.

Michalis Lagopatis