Academy, Birmingham
UK, January 23. 2003

Last Update: 03. oktober 2003

My Little Red Book
Orange Skies
Your Mind And We Belong Together
Alone Again Or
A House Is Not a Motel
The Daily Planet
Old Man
The Red Telephone
Between Clark And Hilldale
Live & Let Live
The Good Humor Man
Bummer In The Summer
You Set The Scene
Robert Montgomerey
My Flash On You
Signed D.C.
Everybody´s Gotta Live/Instant Karma
She Comes In Colors
Allways See Your Face
Listen To My Song
My Anthem
Singing Cowboy
7 & 7 Is
Birmingham January 23. 2003 Photo: Glen O'Raw

Probably the best show of the tour so far and no report of it yet. I'm afraid it wont be as eloquent or professional as other reports but so you don't think that we are all miserable so and so's round here please find a few thoughts.
I have not included a set list but the songs appeared in a similar order to previous outings. No photos either - sorry.
Before Christmas I had been really excited about this tour. The Wolverhampton show earlier in the year had been incredible, the Birmingham show in September OK but this tour had really fired the imagination. Then, days before I the show, I read a newspaper article on the website about the RFH show. It was'nt very complimentary. I was now apprehensive. Maybe by adding the strings etc had proved to be a bit to ambitious. How wrong I was and what utter bollocks the newspaper report turned out to be.
This ranked as one of the best concerts that I have been to in 30+ years of attending them. The vibe was incredible and was obviously picked up by the band who, i'm sure, played way passed their alloted time.
I'm sure people who were there will agree that they witnessed a memorable night, in particular, the Forever Changes set.

Pete Clemons

Don & I were lucky to be able to listen to Love at both Colston & the Academy .
Bristol was good but the academy was mind blowing .What was the difference ? At the academy we could and did dance .
Moving with Arthur as he sang ,learning to copy his movements and the movements of his band produced a level of bodily connection which the ears could not .
Flowing with the rhythm of our souls , sharing the music of love & hate .Owning the energies of life .Using the power within the dance of life and death .
Wonderful .
Did the band feel the connection ?

Paul Aylard