The Academy, Birmingham
UK September 1. 2002

Last Update: 13. november 2003

Seven & Seven is
My Little Red Book
Orange Skies
Your Mind and we belong together
Alone Again Or
Bummer in the Summer
Between Clark & Hilldale
The Red Telephone
The Daily Planet
You Set the Scene
She Comes In Colours
Stephanie Knows Who
Everybody´s Gotta Live
My Flash on You
Signed DC
A House is not a motel
Live and Let Live
The Good Humoured Man
Singing Cowboy

My wife and I went to see the concert in Birmingham last night. The band came on about 8.50 and played until 10.30.
Having seen them at Wolverhampton in June which was the best concert we´ve ever been to, we were really looking forward to this show.
I don´t know if it was just us, but the mix sounded muddy with too much bass to start with and Mike´s solos buried somehere in the haze.
Things got better as it went on though, and one lucky fan went home with Arthur´s harmonica after ´Signed DC´.
The enthusiasm of the band shone through and those who could move in the packed crowd, moved !
Arthur was as flamboyant as ever but seemed to be troubled with a cough and had a bit of confusion with the words in ´The Red Telephone´ and ´She Comes In Colours´. Perhaps he needs a bit more practice ! (Joke, man !).
It was a good concert, no mistake, but I reckon the chaps need to take advantage of a few days off to recharge their batteries and give Mike a chance to recover from his bad throat properly.
The chance to see Arthur twice in one year is, for me, on a par with bumping into Bach wandering down my local high street. After all your politicians and generals are but dust, he will still be a legend.
Thank you for coming Arthur (and Baby Lemonade of course).
Joe Greaves.