Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
UK August 22. 2002

Last Update: 21. november 2003

My Little Red Book
Orange Skies
Your Mind And We
Live and Let Live
Alone Again Or
Bummer in the Summer
7 and 7 Is
Signed D.C.
Between Clark and Hilldale
The Red Telephone
The Daily Planet
You Set The Scene
She Comes In Colors
The Good Humoured Man
Stephanie Knows Who
Everybody's Gotta Live / Instant Karma
My Flash On You
Que Vida
A House Is Not A Motel
Singing Cowboy

All photos: The New Guy

Newspaper articles

Was on post-holiday slump having returned from sunny Spain to the less clement weather of unsunny Aberdeen a day earlier. Needed cheering up. This was definitely the best way to do it!! From the moment the band came on stage the atmosphere in the club was amazing. I was surprised (as a 30-something) by the mix of ages in the crowd - 16 - 60 at a conservative estimate. Arthur Lee is probably the most charismatic performer I have ever seen, and he just seems to ENJOY performing so much. He had an ear to ear grin through most of the concert, as did the very happy audience.
The band are phenomenally talented. Mike Randle in particular is one of the best guitarists I have ever heard. I was astounded on meeting him after the gig to see how young he was! How do you get so good so early?? We also met Rusty Squeezebox and David Chapple and found them all to be approachable and friendly - genuinely nice guys.
My friend, who has waited 30 years to see Love, came over all starstruck and speechless (amusing really considering hes a doctor of social psychology.......).

Please come back soon. This really was one of the best gigs I have seen.
Fiona Young
Dept. of Psychology
University of Aberdeen

On Thursday 22nd August, I went to see Arthur Lee and Love at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. The place was packed. There was no support.
I have been a Love fanatic for more than 30 years so I was really excited and nervous.
I was with quite a few pals and we were lucky enough to have a really good view.
Love played from 9.50 until about 11.45.
They songs they played were mainly from Love, Da Capo, almost all of Forever Changes and Four Sail.
They peaked really early on, about the fourth song in, and then they kept on peaking. It was wonderful. Probably the best gig I have attended.
Arthur was very lively and very good humoured, smiling and dancing.
The band were brilliant. I kept thinking how can they possibly play things like "Maybe The People etc" without horns etc but you know, I never missed them.
I wish I had a video of the show because it really was that good.
I'm sitting here listening to Love as I type. If you get the chance, see them.

Charles Scott

Ray C was there in Scotland last night - and was not disappointed.
The band was very tight, a great tribute to LOVE, and most of the words were in the right place. Arthur admitted he missed a few on one number, but generally it was perfect, right down to the fade with - All of God's children got to have their freedom - and the crowd joining in on Freedom etc.
From 'My Little Red Book' as the opener, and 'Signed DC' through much of Da Capo (side one) and Forever Changes (all tracks bar one) plus other numbers like 'August', 'Singing Cowboy' and 'Everybody's Gotta Live' which included the chorus of 'Instant Karma' as a nod to a hero, John Lennon. Other name drops were Jimi Hendrix and the Leds including Robert Plant, who had not come backstage to meet Lee at a recent gig, which seemed to meet with some bemusement. He then did 'A House Is Not A Motel'. 'The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This' was a first live - we were told. The only number not performed from Forever Changes was 'Old Man' which was not originally sung by Arthur, of course, unlike 'Alone Again Or', the other departed Bryan Maclean compo, which needed no introduction. 'Seven And Seven Is' was a stormer, as usual! Lee was grinning ear to ear throughout the two hour show, and the new LOVE were dedicated to making his most recent comeback the best that he has been heard live. These boys can play. If you can find LOVE for sale - you should buy some. Once he found out he was in Aberdeen, (after asking the band) we had a chorus of the local soccer chant with 'Arthur Lee, Arthur Lee, Arthur Lee.......' in place of the usual home town. A sell out, and a great way to see and hear everything in a small club with the best PA system going. This is how it might have been on the Strip, but possibly with a better sound balance than in the unbalanced 60's. If we could only have had 'Laughing Stock'...........but no one was sad!

Peace -&- LOVE
Ray C