Bimbos, San Francisco
California July 23. 2002

Last Update: 13. november 2003

My Little Red Book
Orange Skies
Your Mind & We Belong Together
Alone Again Or
Everybody's Gotta Live/Instant Karma
My Flash On You
The Red Telephone
You Set the Scene
Between Clark & Hilldale
7 & 7 Is
Bummer in the Summer
Stephanie Knows Who
A House Is Not a Motel
The Daily Planet
She Comes In Colors
The Singing Cowboy (with a false start, after which Arthur apologized for forgetting the lyrics)

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We sat behind the soundboard, and saw the schedule which had showtimes as 9:30 to 11:00 PM. But Arthur rambled on a lot between songs, so it actually ran from about 9:35 to 11:35 PM. Gary the soundman had a printed setlist, but the actual show order differed from it greatly.

Kevin Walsh

Arthur Lee smiled, joked and rambled, and sang his ass off at Bimbo's in San Francisco last night. His band was tight and loud and they were obviously amused by Mr. Lee's between song musings.

"I'm a die-hard Democrat and Republican and all that shit ... Lenny Kravits is cool. He can't sing or write, but he's cool... I can't wait for this show to be over so I can go watch MTV...N'Sync does exercises on stage...I always see the Pope gettin' off his plane, but never heard him say nothin'...Black people don't own one city in this country...Let's hear it for Elvis! He was one mixed up mother fucker...(to someone in the audience) Man, I've been trying to get in touch with you for five and a half years (I left messages with your old lady) Now I know you're lying, 'cause I ain't got no ol' lady"

He played his greatest hits with passion and ferocity. The band was all there. When curfew (!?) ended the show, Mr. Lee wouldn't leave the stage. Alone, he climbed up onto the drum kit and did a roll or something, then ambled over to an un-miked piano, tore the cover from it and played inaudibly for a minute or two. He tired of that and walked into the crowd, black buckskin jacket, white cowboy hat and all. He was exhausted, but wanted more. He wandered around the floor, surrounded by the crowd. He looked dazed, and happy and free. He talked and hugged and took his time. It’s nice to be free.

Jeff Ray

I saw the band for the first time at Bimbos on Tuesday night. My friend Dave and I were the first people on the floor, dead center about fifteen feet back from center stage.
It was pretty good, though I could tell that some people were getting annoyed at Arthur´s rambles between songs.
I jumped at the chance to see Arthur Lee, because I have always been a big Doors fan and I wanted to see the band that Morrison wanted to be ´as big as.´ That was even a trivial pursuit question I think. "Who wanted to be ´bigger than Love?´
Anyway, It was a great show even though I didn´t get home until 4 am.

Jeff Bowen

Just read the review that jazzman posted about the Seattle show. in it he made several references to the San Francisco show. I was at the sf show, but had not seen Love, my absolute favorite group as a lad in la in the 60s, since their show at the Whiskey, circa 1979. I must say, the show last week was absolutely brilliant and mind-blowing. yes, Arthur was rather chatty, but it was amazing and most interesting. "Do you know the most underrated artist of all time...Beethoven? no, the Bird. Charlie Parker." Through out the night, Arthur would throw out those little bon mots. It was fun. interspersed was a great set of music, well chosen, and well played. Mike Randle is a revelation and as he alluded to in his diary, like Mike, I´m not particularly fond of guitar solos, but i did appreciate his showmanship and incredible playing. the sf Love show at Bimbos ruled!

You no longer have the chance to see Jimi, Morrison, or Janis. but the essence of the 60s does live on in Love. You can witness a living legend. if you have the chance, don´t miss this tour when it hits your town. i´d go again in a heartbeat!

Richard Sands the Sands Report

PS: p.s. Arthur mentioned that Paige Conka, Don´s daughter, was in the crowd at the sf show, and that she plays 8 instruments. also, Keith Farrish, who is credited with writing a song on one of Arthur Lee´s later albums was right next to the stage, and Arthur chatted with him through out the show.