The Ambassador, Dublin
Ireland June 16. 2002

Last Update: 13. november 2003

My Little Red Book 
Orange Skies 
Your Mind and We Belong Together 
Alone Again Or 
Bummer In The Summer 
Andmoregain (Introduction Only) 
My Flash On You 
Live And Let Live 
The Red Telephone 
You Set The Scene 
7 & 7 Is 
Everybody's Gotta Live / Instant Karma 
A House Is Not A Motel 
Between Calrk and Hilldale 
Signed D.C. 
Stephanie Knows Who 
The Daily Planet 
She Comes In Colors 
¡Qué Vida!
Andmoreagain (Full Song) (Encore) 
Singing Cowboy (Encore)

Thanks to Tony Lyons for ticket scan and review from Irish Times


Review from Irish Times 18-6-2002

Arthur Lee and Love The Ambassador, Dublin

Kevin Courtney

Love were the quintessential West psychedelic combo, mixing hippydippy lyrics with hard home truths and fusing gentle folk with raucous rock on such legendary albums as Da Capo and Forever Changes. More than 30 years later a mostly twentysomething crowd was getting impatient after waiting nearly an hour for the lost legends to make their first Irish appearance. The band's leader Arthur Lee, hasn't done much since the 1960s, and spent half the 1990s in jail on firearms charges, so no-one really knew what to expect. Would this be a cheap nostalgia trip from a burnt-out old lag, trying to cobble together some cash out of his tattered career? Or would it he a wondrous return to past glories, a fiery, superbly entertaining celebration of freedom, and a timely realignment of Love's legacy? The latter, actually. From the opening bars of Little Red Book, it was apparent that Lee was fit and able, and determined to reclaim those stolen years. Backed by a hand of young guns another multiracial lineup in the great Love tradition, Lee tore through his back pages, reigniting the spark of genius which had infused songs like Orange Skies, Your Mind And We Belong Together and Alone Again Or. 
Forever Changes is an acknowledged classic, but it often seems like a relic from a long- buried musical Atlantis. Right here, right now, though, songs such as A House is Not A Motel, Andmoreagain and Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark and Hilldale make perfect sense despite their somewhat impenetrable lyrics. And Bummer In The Summer was a suitable theme for a rainy Dublin night in June when Ireland have just been knocked out of the World Cup. Lee's four piece backing band consisted of just two guitars, bass and drums; the absence of flute, acoustic guitar and organ made for a tougher, more resilient delivery. It worked beautifully on Live And Let Live, Seven And Seven Is and She Comes In Colours. Even a new song (sic), Everyhody's Gotta Live, sat comfortably with the classic tunes, helped along by a snatch of John lennon's Instant Karma. Welcome back, Arthur - it was well worth the wait