Boardwalk, Sheffield
UK June 11. 2002

Last Update: 13. november 2003

Little Red Book
Orange Skies
Your Mind & We Belong Together
Live and Let Live
She Comes in Colors
Alone Again Or
Signed DC
7 and 7 is
You Set the Scene
The Red Telephone
Bummer in the Summer
My Flash on You
Everybody's Gotta Live / Instant Karma
Between Clark and Hilldale
Stephanie Knows Who
The Daily Planet
A House is Not a Motel
Singing Cowboy


After a twelve-year jail sentence on gun offences, many would never expect to hear from the California-born Arthur Lee, other than in retrospect music journalism. However, Arthur Lee and the new Love have just pulled off a stunning set at the Sheffield Boardwalk. This is much to the amazement and joy of the sold out audience, who no-doubt bought tickets out of curiosity more than anything else.

The small venue was jammed with all ages. Ex-hippies turned middle-management, sipping on white wine, with wives in tow, stood aside young wannabe beatniks, vibrating like it was 1969, and oh yeah it was loud, real loud.

For many fans and critics of 60's psychedelia it is Love`s Forever Changes -and not Sgt. Peppers- which really captured the mood of the short-lived hippy scene. In a two hour long performance with a youthful band (real tight), most of the material was drawn from this Lp. Mr. Lee's baritone voice was perfect, handling all the glorious melody changes with ease, defying his age, and the lifestyle we have become to expect of an ageing rock legend. The lead guitarist -who regularly took centre stage- filled in masterfully where there was once orchestration on the 30 year-old acetate. Arthur was cool and alive and kicking. "Freedom! Freedom!" yelled the ecstatic crowd with surprising spontaneity, echoing Arthur's recent plea from the heart in an L.A jailhouse.

If the aim of this tour is to cement the name of Love into rock history where it belongs, then this is how to go about it.


Hi there

I saw Arthur & Love at the Sheffield Boardwalk last night and they were aboslutely superb. Got there about 8.30 and the place was already heaving (it's a small club and a really "close" atmosphere). The opening act Stew came on and did a 5/6 song set which was pretty good.

A longish sweaty wait until Arthur appeared and blasted straight into "Little Red Book". He seemed in fine voice and in good humour. Apologies - I was too wrapped up in it all to note the set list, but it was pretty much as at other recent dates. They dropped "Andmoreagain" down the order until near the end, and did a version of "The Daily Planet" which Arthur said they'd also attempted the previous night in Manchester.

Highlights? All of it! Particularly dug "Your Mind & We...", "You Set the Scene" and "A House is Not a Motel". Hearing them in a diffrent context to the old album tracks, I was struck by just how fresh and relevant Arthur's lyrics sound today. The band were totally on fire and the perfect foil for AL.

It was over all too quickly and out into the night and the tram home with my ears still ringing.

Hope there's a live album from the tour!