Ekko, Utrecht
Holland May 28. 2002

Last Update: 13. november 2003

My Little Red Book 
Orange Skies 
Your Mind and We Belong Together 
She Comes in Colors 
Alone Again Or 
Signed DC 
Bummer in the Summer 
Between Clark and Hilldale 
Live and Let Live 
The Red Telephone 
Stephanie Knows Who 
You Set the Scene 
Everybody´s Gotta Live / Instant Karma 
My Flash on You 
ˇQue Vida! 
A House Is Not a Motel 
7 & 7 Is 
Singing Cowboy

Utrecht, Holland May 28. 2002. Photo: Ed, The Freedom Man
Photo by: Ed, The Freedom Man

One week ago we were in the happy circumstances to see and hear a really fantastic performance of Arthur and his fantastic band in Ekko in Utrecht. I must admit, we''ve seen a lot of concerts, some bad, the most of them good and some concerts which you'll never forget your whole life. That evening our expetations were not very high, considering Arthur's sad history of the last 5/6 years which he spent in jail. But what a spirit, energy and power came over us that night. After a whole week of playing his records and cd''s we just can't get enough of this. 

 Greetings and "love" from Thijs and Marjolein.