S÷dre Teatern, Stockholm
Sweden May 21. 2002

Last Update: 13. november 2003

My little red book
Orange Skies
Your mind and we belong together
She Comes In Colors
(bring on the strings and horns)
Alone Again Or
Between Clark and Hilldale
The Red Telephone
Live and Let Live
Bummer In The Summer
(Exit Strings and Horns)
7 & 7 Is
Signed DC
Everybody┤s Gotta Live/Instant Karma
Stephanie Knows Who
Singing Cowboy
My Flash On You
(invite strings and horns back)
You Set The Scene
A House is Not a Motel  

Tourposter 2002, Sweden

The venue is an old theatre, which means that the audience has numbered seats. The concert itself was very good. Arthur and the band came on a few minutes past 20.00. Arthur dressed in black jeans, brown boots, a magnificent country & western shirt and a white stetson hat on his head. After a rather slow start with Arthurs voice low in the mix things really got going with "Your mind and we belong together" After that, the strings and horns were invited and the show really took off to another dimension. Alone again or was astounding followed by an impeccable Andmoreagain. The strings and horns really came through. With Between Clark & Hilldale the show maybe reached its climax, except for the last two songs.. In The Red telephone Arthur mixed up a few verses but the song itself was very good. Arthur and the band complained a bit over the polite audience reaction and they had a point. The problem with the venue is that the audience remained seated until the last couple of songs. Otherwise Arthur seemed to be in a good mood and joking with the audience, "Let's hear it for my shirt!". Signed DC was very good with a lot of ad libs from Arthur. Despite trying hard, the sing-along of "Everybodys gotta live" never really took off. Singing Cowboy and My Flash on you were really good versions, but nothing special. However, You set the scene, the show closer, was fantastic with the strings and horns and Arthur singing "Time, time, time..." When the song finished, the audience rose out of their seats and gave the band a standing ovation. An electrifying A House is not a Motel closed an unforgettable evening.

All in all, a very good concert, as good as Stockholm in 1996, despite the audience being a bit flat faced, which they certainly weren't in 1996.

After the show Arthur and the band came back to the stage to sign autographs. Arthur signed my copy of Forever Changes. One could perhaps argue that the band could have played a few more songs from the later stages of Loves and Arthurs career, i. e. Listen to my song, Stand Out, Gather Round, August, Busted Feet, Scottys Song, Five String Serenade or Somebodys watching You.  Later on, I asked Mike Randle if they had rehearsed any of those songs. Mike answered that they know Robert Montgomery and were planning to do August come this autumn. He also mentioned that Andrew Sandoval had interviewed Arthur for the liner notes of the upcoming Four Sail reissue but he didn┤t know any release date.

Finally, I would like to thank Arthur, the band and Gene Kraut for an unforgettable concert I never thought I'd see the band again after 1996, hopefully they will be back later this year.

 Best wishes
Alexander GottsÚn