Knitting Factory, Hollywood
USA May 1. 2002

Last Update: 13. november 2003

My Little Red Book
Orange Skies
Your Mind and We Belong Together
She Comes in Colors
Alone Again Or
Signed DC
Bummer in the Summer
Between Clark and Hilldale
Que Vida!
Everybody´s Gotta Live / Instant Karma
Live and Let Live
Stephanie Knows Who
You Set the Scene
A House is Not a Motel
The Red Telephone
Singing Cowboy
7 & 7 Is
My Flash on You
(This is the correct order - Torben)

Arthur Lee is simply one of the most awe-inspiring performers I have ever seen in my life.  He played with a passion, conviction, and vitality that is rare in HUMAN BEINGS, much less men nearing 60 who have spent the last five years in prison.   The band was incredible.  I can´t emphasize this enough: this was not a simulation of an obscure band that broke up 30 years ago, this was a raw, pulsing, living thing that was truly amazing to behold.  No part of Arthur was missing, his voice sounding even more sweet and supple than on Love´s classic recordings, and actually watching him work his voice like an instrument was just amazing.  The Singing Cowboy was probably the high point, the level to which this song rocked would have filled an arena.  My expectations were pretty high, but there´s no way i could have been prepared for this.  I am a much bigger Love fan this morning than I have been for the past couple years. 
I wish Arthur and the band all the best and can´t wait until they get back to play for us more in LA. 
This is just the beginning!

Eric Kempke

Knitting Factory. Photo: Brad Davis
Arthur and Joelle Gibson after the show.
Photo: Brad Davis

The show that Arthur Lee and Love put on at The Knitting Factory Wednesday night was one I will never forget.
I took my 25 year old son to the gig with me, wanting him to experience the greatness of Arthur Lee that cannot be captured on tape. We were not disappointed. We pulled up to the back of the main entrance just as Arthur walked out with a film crew following. We got a couple of pictures as the crew filmed Arthur walking up and down the street. He looks in great shape, tall and thin, and he looks much younger than I do!!??! I don’t understand that, since I couldn’t get in to see him at the Whiskey back in the 60’s, because I wasn’t 18 yet. Humm….I guess some people just age well.  Anyway we parked and went around to the front entrance, where we were immediately asked for extra tickets. It was 2 hours before the show and somebody was already out front looking for spare tickets. After we got in, we sat at the bar waiting for the show tostart. Everybody was real excited. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation. We found a spot on the floor but the crowd got overwhelming and hot, so we moved to the balcony. It was a little less packed up there. As the opening band plodded through a bad set, people were filling the balcony as well.
By the time Arthur came out, we were standing 3 and 4 deep in the balcony!! Arthur started the set with Little Red Book bringing the room to life. Orange Skies was dedicated to the late Bryan MacLean and then Your Mind and We. The band was HOT!!! Rusty Squeezebox, Dave Green, and Dave Chapple provided a rock solid foundation while Mike Randle played everything else ever played on these songs. Mike was nailing the flute, keyboard, horn or string lines on every song all night long. As well as the best guitar work since Johnny Echols created his explosive masterpieces along side Arthur. She Comes In Colors was next then Alone Again Or and Signed DC. Bummer in the Summer kicked major ass thanks to Dave Chapple’s bass lines. Andmoreagain was next, then Between Clark and Hilldale where Arthur’s voice soared. Que Vida was totally unexpected, as Mike played all the flute and keyboard parts to perfection. Everybody’s Gotta Live/ Instant Karma, then Live and Let Live. When Arthur sang “served my time, served it well, you made my soul a cell” the crowd roared!!! Most of us had been singing along with every song and Arthur seemed to be genuinely impressed, smiling widely and thanking the audience often. I couldn’t believe the song list. Arthur was in great voice and was doing everything!! Stephanie Knows Who, You Set The Scene and A House is Not a Motel in quick order. Wow!!
The crowd cheered wildly as the band left the stage, but everyone knew they would be back. Arthur came back on stage to rousing applause. He seemed to get stronger as the night wore on. They started again with The Red Telephone, another rare treat that I never expected to hear live, as the crowd sang along with Arthur to the chant of freedom…..freedom…freedom. Singing Cowboy then 7-&-7 Is brought the night to a climactic end, or so I thought. There was one last gem. One of my favorites from the first album, the first time I ever heard it played in tune, My Flash On You!!!!  I think this was the first punk song, not 7-&-7 is. I don’t want to contradict Arthur, but his “street preaching” on My Flash on You is something that is quite prevalent in today’s punk scene.
What a great night. My son’s reaction? His mouth was hanging open from the first song. “That was the best concert that I have ever seen” is a good summation of the many comments he had on the way home. I have to agree. The MAN has returned with a vengeance. If you have ever been a fan of Arthur Lee and Love, don’t miss this show.
All I can say is thank you Arthur.  

Knitting Factory. Photo: Brad Davis
Mike and Joelle Gibson after the show.
Photo: Brad Davis


I could close my eyes and it sounded like the record, the band (who shredded) even covered some of the string parts at points and Arthur sounded exactly the same as the records. The crowd was going NUTS!!!
The setlist was better than the Spaceland show which you can find on the net, its easier to name the songs they didn't play than the songs they did.
All of side 1 of Da Capo, All of Forver Changes except Old Man, plus Your Mind And We Belong Together, My Little Red Book, My Flash on You, Singing Cowboy, plus a few others. Couldn't ask for anything better Arthur is making ALL the right decisions, and looks like he's about to take over the world!!!

OH and the highlight for me was "The Red Telephone" which they didn't play at Spaceland, and it was HEAVY!!! He even did the "All of gods children gotsta have their freedom" part, amazing.