Signed D. C.
(Arthur Lee)

Last Update: 03. oktober 2003

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   (D) Em           D             [2X]
         /  / / / / / /  / / / / / /
Verse 1:
        Em      D       Em    D
        Sometimes I feel so lonely
            Em            D        Em    D
        My comedown I'm scared to face
              Em         Am    Em        D
        I've pierced my skin again, Lord
        G   F   C
        No one cares
            Em   D   Em   D
        For me
Verse 2:
   My soul belongs to the dealer
        He keeps my mind as well
        I play the part of the leecher
        No one cares
        For me, cares for me
Harmonica solo* over abbreviated verse:
   Em  D  Em  D
        G  F  C
        Em  D  Em  D
Verse 3:
   Look out Joe, I'm fallin'
        I can't unfold my arms
        I've got one foot in the graveyard
        No one cares
        For me, cares for me
   (D)          Em  D
           Cares for me
        Signed, D. C.
   * Note: Arthur plays an A harmonica, and often doesn't bend the G#
          draw note down to G - which is why the harp sounds major although
          the song is in E minor
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers